Export of products and minerals

م.اد شیمیایی

Novin Shimyar Company has trade offices in India, China, Turkey, and Russia, attends prestigious international exhibitions with international companies and has the ability to export chemical products and minerals to Iranian manufacturers
Therefore, by squeezing the hands of all the industrialists in this region, it declares its ability to market and export chemical products and minerals produced in the country

Novin Shimiar Company, having extensive relations with the country's miners and mining industries, has good export contracts regarding the export of minerals such as fluorine 75% and 80% with foreign companies and is working in such a way that in all stages of extraction. Supervises the mining and operation, sorting and refining of experienced specialists and technicians of the quality control laboratory of this company and tries to provide the best quality of the mentioned minerals in accordance with the standards requested by customers and by performing dilute chemical analysis of Mineral deposits and loads with quality guarantee provide inspection and quality control services

  • Export of 75% and 80% fluorite in lumps for steel and metallurgy industries
  • Export of chemicals produced in Iran
  • Export of fluorescent, dolomite and magnesite
  • Exports of 90% and 98% fluorite for chemical glaze industries